Handle with care

Katie and I are packing up for our Monday flight home. Because the apartment came fully furnished, there really isn’t that much to get in order. We’re shipping one box home and the rest will come over with our checked baggage. One particular chunk of cargo, however, will remain by my side throughout the journey home. I’m not about to pack these prized possessions and chance that they might break.

You’ve heard us rave about the Weissbier over here — that delicious, pure, full-bodied wheat beer that defines Bavaria. Well, like many fine beers, there’s a specific glass you’re supposed to use when drinking Weissbier. Over the last several months I’ve collected a few of them so that I can enjoy my new favorite beer in the States in proper fashion. Below the picture I’ll post a note about each glass.

One glass for each day of the week (and three on Sunday).

One glass for each day of the week (and three on Sunday).

From left to right:

Maierbräu Landler Weisse — From the bar right around the corner from our apartment. Katie’s favorite Weissbier.

Schneider-Weisse — My co-favorite Weissbier. This glass is from the Weissen Bräuhaus in Munich’s Marienplatz.

Hofbräu — Naturally, this glass is from the famous Hofbräuhaus.

Ayinger — My other co-favorite Weissbier. This glass was a gift to us from our good friends at Dhaba, the Indian restaurant in Schwabing that Katie and I went to some two-dozen times. It was that good. (It didn’t hurt that they served one of my favorite beers.)

Paulaner — A name most of us back home are familiar with. I can’t remember where this glass came from. I must have had a lot of Weissbier that night.

Augustiner Bräu — Another one of Katie’s favorites. This glass came to us from Augustiner’s beer garden in Munich.

Herrnbräu — A delicious Weissbier that I had when we visited Rothenburg, Germany. It’s from Bürgerkeller restaurant, which also had some of the best German food we had this entire year. The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to give me the glass. (And a crazy story — I couldn’t remember where I got this glass at first. So I searched “what restaurants serve herrnbrau in munich” and one of the top search results that Google gave me was a link to my blog about Rothenburg, where I had mentioned the same story!)

Franziskaner — A beer I had never heard of before visiting Munich, but one that seems to only be rivaled by Hofbräu when it comes to local publicity. A very popular beer. This glass is from our Schwabing neighborhood restaurant Wassermann.

Fürstenberg — The only place we ever saw this beer was at Kun-Tuk, a fantastic Thai restaurant about a 20-minute walk from our apartment. They were kind enough to give us this glass.


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