The other Tour de France: Day 5

Tourtirac to Paris

Route: Tourtirac to Paris

Total Miles: 398 miles (642 kilometers)

Driving Time: 6.5 hours

There was no ceremonial drive through the Arc de Triomphe, but we were still plenty excited to pull into Paris this afternoon. Our arrival in France’s capital capped a five-day driving tour through the country that spanned over 1,500 miles and took a combined 27 hours. Today’s drive was extremely uneventful, aside from me stalling four times in a row while trying to leave a tollbooth. That was fun.

Of course, we still have to drive back to Munich, but that’s not until Monday. In the meantime, the only driving we’ll be doing is the short trip to our hotel in Versailles where we’ll be staying on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Katie’s parents will be meeting us in France and they recommended staying in Versailles. We found a really affordable hotel and there’s a cheap train that goes right into Paris.

As for tonight and tomorrow night, we’re at an airport hotel just outside of the city because of Katie’s flight to Ireland tomorrow. That’s right. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a vacation from our vacation. Katie will fly to Dublin for the day (she leaves in the morning and returns in the evening) for a work meeting. I’ll stay behind in Paris and knock out some freelance work. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled holiday on Thursday morning.

I’m excited for Paris. I really want to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre museum and the aforementioned Arc de Triomphe. I also want to experience the cafes and culture of Paris, along with more of this country’s amazing food that I’ve come to truly appreciate and love. Katie’s excited, too. She has a few walking tours planned that will take us through some of her favorite chef’s “must see” lists for Paris, including food markets/shops. We also plan on seeing the Tour’s final stage in Paris on Sunday and might even get to the time trial on Friday.

I should mention that in addition to the end of our long drives this stretch of daily blogs will also come to an end (perhaps much to your relief). We’ll post a recap of our Paris trip once we’re back in Munich.

With that I’ll say farewell. Look for a Paris recap later next week, along with photos from our entire “other Tour de France.”

Au revoir!

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