The U-Bahn Man

Germany has some pretty fun signs for various things. Their “Exit” sign is nothing more than a stick figure running toward a door. At the train station, the “Watch where you walk” sign was a stick figure losing his balance on a train platform with a train approaching in the distance. Our favorite so far, though, is the sign for the U-Bahn:

U-Bahn man!

It’s more or less a stick figure walking down a flight of stairs. But they’ve classed things up a little bit by putting a hat on him. And if you look closely you’ll notice two different images. Is he casually walking down the stairs with his arms swinging by his side? Or — as we prefer to see him — is he really a man wearing a cape and creepily walking down the stairs with both hands out in front of him?

It’s like one of those illusion puzzles.

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3 thoughts on “The U-Bahn Man

  1. luigiville

    Thank you for this post! I have been ridiculing the signage in Munich for the last year and am so glad to find someone who agrees! 🙂

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  3. To tak naprawdę pierwszorzędny jak również wskazany kawałek danych.
    Jestem szczęśliwa, że trafiłam na Twój blog.
    Dzięki za udostępnienie.

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